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If the borrower believes that a lender or servicer has violated the requirements for a single point of contact in section 38-38-103.1 or the prohibition on dual tracking in section 38-38-103.2, the borrower may file a complaint with the Colorado Attorney General, the Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), or both. The filing of a complaint will not stop the foreclosure process.

Auction Bids & Results

The following information is provided as a courtesy. Bid documents have not been reviewed by the Public Trustee to guarantee accuracy.

Absence of a bid letter does not necessarily mean that particular foreclosure is or is not going to auction.

This guide will help you understand each of these reports.


Publications for Auction Notices

  • Better Choice Notice Solutions
  • The Colorado Leader
  • The Colorado Statesman
  • Denver Herald-Dispatch
  • Denver Newspaper Agency