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Graffiti Prevention & Removal


About Denver's Partners Against Graffiti

Denver Partners Against Graffiti - Because Neighborhoods Matter

Denver Partners Against Graffiti provides free graffiti removal assistance on business and residential properties within the City & County of Denver. Our crews remove graffiti using current equipment and graffiti removal methods (painting, hand cleaning or power washing).

Denver Partners Against Graffiti offers graffiti removal supplies to citizens for their property and community, organize graffiti cleanups, speak at schools, businesses, community and civic groups, and help provide a variety of volunteer opportunities to keep our communities graffiti free.


  • FREE graffiti removal supplies for citizens to remove graffiti from their property.
  • FREE graffiti removal supplies for citizens to remove graffiti in their community.
  • Assistance in organizing community graffiti cleanups.
  • Speakers for school, business, community and civic groups.
  • A variety of volunteer opportunities to keep our communities graffiti free.

2017 Brush Off — Saturday, September 23

2017 Brush Off flyerAre You Ready to Make A Difference!

If you’re looking for GREAT opportunity to pull up your boot straps and help remove the blight of graffiti vandalism & little litter… Denver Partners Against Graffiti invites you to join the 8th Annual Graffiti “Brush Off”!

This is an awesome opportunity for Individuals, groups and families, ages 5 and up.

Supplies and lunch will be provided! Prizes will be raffled!

Be a part of a “Brush Off” Team and meet some great new people!

Report & Remove Graffiti

Reporting and promptly removing graffiti are the 2 best ways to help stop graffiti in Denver.