Crash Data Dashboard


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About the Dashboard

Data updates daily (Monday–Friday) from the Open Data Catalog

Using the Dashboard

Light blue bars and dots represent Traffic Fatalities, people who have died in a traffic crash recorded by Denver Police Department.  

Dark blue bars and dots represent Serious Bodily Injury (SBI) Events. An event may involve more than one person who was injured; for the most accurate count of SBIs for a given time period, contact Denver Police.

Hover your mouse (or touch and hold on mobile devices) to see more information about data points. If labels are not visible, this will also display a pop-up window with more detail.

Click to focus and filter the data by type; for example, when you click on 2019 all other graphs will update to highlight data from that year visually and in the pop-up windows. Click again to return to the full dashboard.

On the map, both fatal and SBI crashes are shown by default. Click the label to remove those datapoints from the map.

About the Data

This dashboard is based on data in the Open Data Catalog that is updated every weekday afternoon, Monday through Friday. Crash data may take up to 48 hours to appear on this dashboard, depending on the time of the incident and the required time to process and publish incident information.

Some records, particularly older records and those for incidents currently under investigation, may have missing or unlabeled fields.

Data can also be downloaded from the Open Data Catalog in a variety of formats. Please refer to the disclaimer and information associated with the dataset for technical questions about the data.